Stomp Out Diabetes (13)

Most people go about things wrong when they find out they had diabetes. But the first thing you probably need to do is to change your diet. Get rid of all the sugar and saturated fats and give your body a chance to heal. Then you need to get off the couch and work out. Stay active burn up all those calories and sugar that is swimming in your bloodstream. Type 2 diabetes is totally a lifestyle disease and being a lifestyle disease you change your lifestyle to change the disease and to get rid of it. So it isn’t just about pumping yourself with pills that the doctor gives you but you have to take actual action on your own. People who treat diabetes like something they have to overcome own their own are the one’s who get past it and who end up being healthy.  So do not feel like you have a death sentence just because you have diabetes type 2 and is not a life sentence it is something that you can beat up and overcome on your own. You just have to make major Lifestyle Changes, changes that will make you happier and healthier than you currently are (ask yourself, is temporary insurance better than permanent).