MetaCarta Awards Pilot to North Central Texas Fusion System

The North Central Texas Fusion system was recently awarded a pilot of MetaCarta’s Geospatial Text Search (GTS) software.  The software is already operational on one workstation and will soon be available on the network to all users.
What Does MetaCarta GTS Provide to Fusion System Users?
MetaCarta GTS allows users to search the millions of Fusion System documents by specifying a geographic area of interest on a map then entering a query.    The results of the query will shown as points on the map that can be clicked to get details.
Here are two examples:
  • A fire investigators asks for the locations of all the fires that have occured in a certain area over the past year.  The results are shown as dots on a map.  Each dot can be clicked for more information.
  • An intelligence analyst queries the system for information on all the meetings of a particular gang operating in the region.  The results from multiple law enforcement databases appear on the map immediately allowing the analyst to see which meetings to focus on.

Example MetaCarta Output